Credibility, Knowledge and Confidence

eLearning has been identified as an economical and versatile method of delivering education which is being implemented by many healthcare providers. Identifying this benefit and potential Tailored Care requested a series of learning modules and a secure learning management system (LMS) that consisted of interactive presentations to both engage with and educate the viewer.

Built With iOS In Mind

Utilizing the latest technologies and authoring tools such as HTML5, responsive code and low bandwidth streaming mobile video each content piece targeted both the desktop user and the iOS / tablet platforms. The primary reason for use of HTML5 eLearning authoring tools is the massive audience of tablet devices, (namely the iPad) throughout their client base. Armed with this research and knowledge we knew we can focus development efforts to a fully optimized experience for their given choice of platform.

Immerse Multimedia Experience

Another objective was to create an environment that mimicked the actual evaluation scenarios in which learners would be involved with. Through the use of audio, animated imagery and video that reflected what the learner was to expect in reality created a high degree of engagement, and gave detailed context to what was being taught. Using this principle, Full Frame Digital developed a beautiful solution that overcame the inherent learning challenges of the subject and project.

Touch Tablet eLearning

Tablet users are undeniably important – half of all PCs shipped in 2013 were tablets, matching up to desktop computers for the first time ever. For Tailored Care, mobile learning offered their clients instant access to course material at the point of need (especially if they work in the field). Additionally mobile e-learning allowed for fast, easy and repeatable use of training material to counteract the common forgetfulness. Our objective was to increase the total quality of the learning experience while enabling learners to engage with the content at their own pace.

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