Advanced Medical eLearning Development Delivered with Ease

When Educational Awareness Solutions needed the ability for doctors across the nation to connect with key training knowledge they knew the best and most cost effective way to deliver that critical educational material was through a secure online eLearning website.

RosaceaHQ eLearning Portal

The task Full Frame Digital was presented with was to develop, deliver and track a large volume of medical education materials. Doctors from across the United States needed the ability to log in at any time through a secure Website and review a series of learning sessions.

eLearning Course Development

A list of content presentations and learning sessions were planned, designed and authored. The material consisted of numerous audio, video, animated and interactive presentations. Our objective was not only to keep the learning material informative but also fresh and engaging for each doctor.

LMS Implementation and Document Library Management

For interface design the entire user experience was the primary focus. The system had to be easy to use, beautiful and reflect the brand experience. The content that was created for RosaceaHQ consisted of a series of visual presentations, voice over recordings, motion graphics and video lectures. The content elements were purposed to work both on a desktop and mobile platform.

Through the website portal the ability to track participant usage was a very important feature. The doctor’s view time, click interactions and quiz answers were each logged. This enabled step-by-step progression where learning elements would not be viewable unless watched in progressive order.

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