A Comprehensive Content Management System

Pocono Surgery Center provides a high-quality alternative to inpatient hospital care for surgical services. As such they needed a robust and easy to use content management system that enabled fluidity between internal departments. Using a powerful solution by Evoq, DNN, Full Frame Digital developed a solution in which enabled our client to centralized and share content effortlessly, facilitate shorter editorial cycles and ensure timely delivery of digital publications.

Website Design Approach

At Full Frame Digital we take a very consistent and disciplined approach to every client and every project’s unique needs no matter how large or how small. Our design team worked hard to fulfill Pocono Surgery Center’s Website objectives from planning through to traffic analysis. It was an iterative process of information gathering, review of wireframe conceptual ideas and design iterations that flowed smoothly with client feedback and process review each step of the way.

Custom Layout Design

Full Frame Digital designed a custom layout theme that captivates visitors, provides important information and enables users to engage with Pocono Surgery Center.

User Interface Design

An object for the interface was to present information to the user in a comfortable and efficient manner while also paying attention to the emotions and feelings generated, accessibility, and brand trust. Service information was required to be readily accessible and only a single click away.


An award-winning Content Management System (CMS), DNN Evoq, helps bring the project’s website to life with captivating content and engaging interactions that are easy to manage.

Search Engine Optimization

Early in the development cycle our team of SEO experts reviewed with he client to make sure a list of relevant and valuable keywords were identified and built into the site content at launch.

Weeks to Develop Site
Keywords Optimized
Average Site Visits Each Day
Community Members Served

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