Interactive Video Demonstration + Content Management System = Amazing Results

As a leader in the BioPharma industry, BioSpectra required their online marketing material to follow suite. For their industry trade show event, Full Frame Digital developed an interactive video demonstration which showcased the client’s new facility and product.

Website and User Experience Design

BioSpectra wanted to revamp their outdated website. They also required a unique eCommerce solution and Content Management System. Full Frame Digital designed an entirely new site around the user experience. Through an extensive investigation of product sales we made the most requested items easiest to access. With a professional clean look the new web design makes it easier for pharmaceutical manufacturers to purchase exactly the products they are looking for.

eCommerce and Content Management System

BioSpectra does not just sell standard off the shelf products – they sell complex science. To sell their product effectively a custom built eCommerce solution and an extensive content management system was needed. Their unique customer base requires utmost precision and clear understanding of purchases. The eCommerce site fulfills this need by allowing customers to understand on the literal molecular level the product they are purchasing along with the exact measurements specified.


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