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How to make your website the most important employee in your company.

It’s a forgone conclusion that a website development is a necessity for every business or organization. The new, more relevant question is what your website could and should be doing for you. The technology now exists which allows your website to become far more than just an electronic communication tool. Your website can be full-featured hub that manages marketing campaigns, develops opportunities and supports your viewers on many levels. Depending on the nature of you organization, you’ll want to choose the content management system that suites your needs and your budget. Interactive programming can also take your website to an entirely new level of effective communications. Responding to and providing a personalized experience based on viewer feedback enhances user experience and significantly improves conversion ratios.

Studies show interactive website designs garner the best results for website design clients. The Web is a very visual medium and we need to appeal to consumer aesthetic sensibility if we want to be successful. Today’s complex Websites require numerous disciplines in order to be properly programmed; therefore the best creative firms have web designers that can create beauty and understand the programming parameters of the medium. Full Frame Digital custom builds stunning Websites that incorporate all the latest technology available on the Internet including Responsive Design, HTML5, SQL and AJAX. Our sites are configured and tested on multiple platforms and browsers to ensure the highest level of usability.

Website Development

Web Design

A website design needs to be both aesthetically pleasing and easy to use. This has become increasing difficult because there are so many different combinations of hardware, browser software and sizes. What look great on one combination could be disastrous on another. Responsive design is a new type of design that incorporates programing that optimized how your sight appears in different combinations of devices and sizes. It’s fairly complex to program because it contains many rules about how to display content in many different scenarios however when done correctly your viewers get a perfect experience regardless of their device. Keep in mind, we are not just shrinking the size of page to fit, but rather completely reformatting the content so you done need to zoom in and changing navigation or clickable items into buttons designed for fingers.

Content Development

Content is king and your website is no exception. Online viewers are savvier than ever and it’s important your content is up to date and relevant. Developing copy can be a time consuming process. If your time is limited, you may want consider getting some help from a copy writer or blogger to make sure your viewers always have a good reason to visit, and revisit your website. While copy is a primary source of content, also keep in mind viewers are a visual animal and incorporating photos and video into your content significantly increases its value. Last but certainly not least; be mindful about including some of you marketing search terms in your content to help improve your position on search engines. I big part of Search Engine Optimization is content development both on-site and off-site references to your website.

Content Management

Managing your website, its content and your content contributors can be a challenge. A CMS or Content Management System can be a life saver. Gone are the days of manual coding and antiquated review and approval. Now your CMS handles that for you so you can focus on other more important things. CMSs vary from the basics like WordPress which is a good choice for small businesses and organizations to more sophisticated options like Sitefinity or DNN when you need multi layered security, approval and deep third party software integration. Most now support responsive design provided you have a professional designing your page skins (templates). Others such as NationBuilder go beyond typical CMS functions and provide full campaign management including integrated communications across ground base, web and social media. This product is well suited for political campaigns and corporate advocacy initiatives.

New Business Development

Web integration with Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software and Social Media Management software can significant increase the number of opportunities you receive and help you work with them more efficiently as they come in. There are many stand-alone CRM software packages such as Salesforce. Integrating them into your website allows your web leads to automatically go directly into your sales pipeline. This is a big time saver and ensures leads do not slip through the cracks. Some CMS systems include CRM such as NationBuilder. Social Media Management integration allows your social conversations to be displayed on your website in near real time which helps keep new content on your website. These systems also provide very useful dashboards so you can manage multiple accounts and conversations in one place very efficiently. Social conversations can then be added to your CRM software to improve your conversion ratios.


While e-commerce has become quite commonplace online, many of the shopping cart systems fall short in terms of security, PCI compliance and accounting integration. We have found ASPDOTNETSTOREFRONT to be among the best solutions. Ease of use with responsive design capability ensures all viewers get an optimal experience regardless of the platform they are on. This is particularly important with the number viewers that only have a mobile device as a computer. Accounting integration is equally important so you don’t need replicate content and manage to sets of inventory content.


Garnering as much information as possible about your web visitors can help you improve your viewer experience and increase your conversion rate or sales. This goes beyond Google Analytics which is a very good and free tool. We recommend supplementing Google Analytics with third party analysis from CMS platforms such as DNN, Hubspot and Sitefinity. This allows you to A-B test content and look at details of individual visitor visits. This provides valuable insight that helps you test and optimize your content to deliver the best customer experience.


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