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Full Frame Digital 2014 Service Reel

HD Video Production

Tell your story in a meaningful way

HD Video is quickly becoming the most effective form of communication thanks to recent advances in broadband speed and streaming video technology. Full Frame Digital is a full scale HD video production company that incorporates HD video production into successful marketing plans. Offering a tremendous value, our HD video production company produces film-quality high definition video productions for less! We are also among the best HD video production companies servicing New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and the entire northeast. Full frame Digital specializes in cutting-edge web video production with Lehigh Valley Pennsylvania and New Jersey HD commercial recording studios. We offer turn-key solutions for producing HD web videos, broadcast commercials, infomercials and corporate communications. If you’re producing a documentary or feature film production on a budget, Jena Communications can help you achieve your goals; with big budget results on schedule!

Having great equipment like a Sony F5 with prime lenses certainly helps, but the magic of video begins long before you turn the camera on. Pre-production planning ensures you have what need lined up and your shoots go smoothly. Properly script writing and storyboarding your production is also essential to getting a final product you can be proud of. Our team of producers and directs work closely with our clients to help them create productions that are memorable and effective by telling a compelling story in every piece we produce. From a 15 second bookend to a documentary about Healthcare they all need to tell a story.

Concept Development

Sometimes you have a great idea or product to offer, but it’s difficult to gather your thoughts into a cohesive story that effectively gets your point across. Working with talented creative directors and copy writers give your product or idea the voice it needs to achieve your goal. Half art and half science this process is essential because it forms the foundation of your production. Even if your piece has no spoken word it needs to “say something”. Let’s make sure whatever it is clear and memorable.

Producers & Directors

Not every production requires a full crew. If you’re in the trade and in the need of some help or an in-house marketing department with some internal capability you may want to bring in a Producer to handle logistics or a Director to lend a vision and a sense of control to your production. Full Frame Digital offers Producers, Directors, Shooters and grips at day and weekly rates. An outside perspective often helps get the project moving in positive direction.

On-Location Filming

Working in a studio is nice but most of the world happens on-location. Location shooting can have its challenges though, so it’s best to be fully prepared with as much control over your environment as possible and the right equipment for the right job. Flexible lighting that can accommodate both daylight and tungsten (warm) light is essential. More importantly, newer camera like the Sony F5 can capture 13+ stops of exposure latitude which ensures the darkest shadows and the brightest highlights are captured. You can’t fix something you don’t have in post. Lots of audio options including long shotguns and stealthy lavalieres are also a must.

Motion Graphics

In order to effectively tell a story we sometimes need to supplement video with motion graphics to clarify the point we are trying to get across. Both 2D and 3D Motion Graphics help the director tell his story in an entertaining way. From lower thirds to elaborate 3D tracking composites these tools have become a great way to enhance you material without detracting from the story – when done properly of course. The technology now exists to create stunning graphics that truly elevate the viewing experience.

Green Screen Compositing

Utilizing a green screen allows you to layer a person or object into another video or still image and merge them together as if they were shot together. The most common use of this technique is during the weather forecast and the most elaborate use is in feature-length science fiction films that mix real actors with animated 3D objects and characters. We see a great deal of green screen compositing in corporate video when a spokesperson needs visuals to reinforce what he or she is talking about. Green screens can be portable or permanent studio setups for large scale work.

HD Web Video Production

Some would argue HD is overkill for the web but most would disagree. 1080P HD is ubiquitous online and there even is a limited amount of 4k material if you have a very high-speed web connection. The biggest argument for shooting for the web in HD is the better the footage you start with the better the final product quality even if it’s down sampled. Feature films still look great online because they started with pristine quality footage to begin with. If you can afford it, don’t skimp on acquisition quality and codecs that hold up to high levels of online compression.


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