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At Full Frame Digital we can handle your entire eLearning project from start to finish.

eLearning development is a form of interactive computer based training that that allows businesses and organizations to easily train and track the comprehension of staff members in a highly efficient manner. If you want to save thousands of dollars each year on training costs while you actually increase productivity – elearning is the solution for you. Let’s imagine having your very best topic expert perform their training exercises on camera and then compile that training into an online learning session just once and never have to perform that training ever again. You’ve just created your first eLearning lesson and you’re on your way. Now that training is available to whoever needs, when they need it, and the trainer is now free to perform other tasks or responsibilities.

elearning done right requires expertise. Full Frame Digital helps you organize training events into an interactive web based interface that can include a combination of training videos, PowerPoint slides, downloadable resource material, survey questions and the ability to interact with the learning session. Interactivity can include learning games known as Gamification and the ability to branch off from the primary lesson to more deeply explain a concept that is required for the complete understanding of a given concept. For example if you were training a chef how to make a pizza, you might have an optional jump off point on how to make tomato sauce, which upon completion would lead you back to pizza training video right where you left off. In a nutshell, the training can be as granular as you need to be for beginners without slowing down more advanced users. This provides a custom learning experience for all users.

eLearning Development Company

On the management side of eLearning development we wrap all this up with a learning management system or LMS. This platform has the ability provide access, track usage, test comprehension with quizzes, communicate with users and the storage of all the results in a database capable of providing comprehensive reports and analytics. The entire system can be accessed anytime, anywhere with a high speed internet connection and a PC, tablet or smart mobile device. Therefore training, testing and administration can be done on or off business hours. The robust LMS platform can store and serve up an unlimited number of lessons or curricula which can be grouped into certifications or a framework designed for advancement within the company. Unlimited security levels and user access levels ensures each user is only presented with the content and options designated for that user. Plus you’ll be able to sleep at night because your trade secrets will safe because the entire system resides behind a fully encrypted and password protected extranet allowing access only to authorized personnel.

I know what you’re thinking sound great but is it expensive? NO. Pricing is primarily based on the number of active users therefore this platform is well within the reach of small business and corporate America alike. More importantly this technology actually saves businesses millions of dollars each year in reduced training costs, improved productivity and match tasks with your best qualified staff members.

Perhaps best of all, Full Frame Digital offers complete turn-key solutions that include interface design, script writing, talent, HD video production, PowerPoint slide design, learning management system configuration and ongoing support. All you need to do is contact an e-learning consultant at Full Frame Digital to learn how eLearning can simplify your training and improve your bottom line.

Course Development

Effective training requires techniques that both educate and demonstrate for maximum retention. It’s equally important courses are arranged in such a way that they build upon each other in a logical a way. Using a combination of techniques work best because it keeps the learner interested in the content. Lastly courses should be SCORM compliant which makes them universally compatible with most Learning Management Systems.

Interactive Video Based Training

Video based training is one of the best forms of education and demonstration. Many concepts are difficult to understand with only the written word. Being able to visualize a situation or technique with high-quality video significantly increases a learner’s ability to gain a deep understanding. Be sure to story-board all your shots and use talent that has a strong understanding of the process to ensure the salient point come across effectively.

Comprehension Evaluation

Quizzing learners on their comprehension of your course material is essential.  This gives you the necessary insight into each learner’s new abilities which came about from the training materials. It can also demonstrate the effectiveness of the course material itself. Test results can be used in many ways including earning credits, certifications or advancement opportunities. Non-scored surveys can be implemented as well to capture valuable statistics.

Learning Management Systems

A Learning Management System is the software that manages your training platform. They control learner access, curriculum contents, lesson rules or requirements and the storage of all the results. Your LMS can be automated to a high degree to streamline communication with learners and generating certifications upon the successful completion of training curricula. Detailed reporting and analytics are also available to easily provide a snapshot of your students.


With the increase of tablets and smart mobile devices the logical progression of eLearning was to become mobile friendly. The technology now exists to provide a mobile optimized experience for learners on the go or those who just prefer a smaller device. This opens up all kinds of convenient low cost opportunities to deliver structured content to an ever widening audience including non-scored instructional material geared directly towards consumers.


The interactive component of eLearning is very compelling. Gamification takes that interactivity to the next level by placing the learning experience into a game or competitive environment. This is particularly appealing to a younger audience that gets bored more easily. In the end, providing multiple tools to get your course material delivered keeps it interesting and actually works better.


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