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Engage with your customers individually, on their time, through the medium of their choice.

While traditional marketing still has its place for certain industries, Digital Marketing is quickly becoming the preferred advertising medium because of its cost effectiveness and micro targeted capability. Many primary entertainment based advertising mediums such as television and radio are losing market share to web based content sources. The reasoning behind it is self-evident. Consumers want more choices, greater convenience and they want it on-demand. Let’s not forget, at a lower cost as well. The internet provides all this and more to consumers. On the surface this model appears highly fragmented, which it is, but the advertiser’s silver lining is marketing data-mining companies have a profile on just about every computer, tablet and mobile device on the net which allows you to micro-target individuals not programming.

In the past, research was performed to reach a target audience based on demographics of a certain TV station, programming or publication. That’s all changed dramatically. You no longer need to select a specific station or program for which only a percentage of the audience fits your target profile. Now you only specify your profile which includes geographic, demographic and behavior because you potentially get every website, online content provider and streaming media service, but your ads only display on viewers that match your profile precisely. This is vastly more effective and efficient because there is no wasted dollars on those with no interest in your offering and your reach is far greater as well. In summary, Digital Marketing is a highly effective way to selectively reach out to new potential customers that match the profile of your best existing customers.

Digital Marketing can also have added benefit of true interaction. Interactive digital content can respond to viewer input to provide a customized experience that is very engaging. This is not limited to computers and smart devices. We are seeing a growing number of kiosks and other street level experiences that incorporate brand awareness, customer feedback and social sharing.

Micro-Targeted Banner Ads

Every computer has something called an IP address. Data-mining companies track web traffic, online e-commerce and even email traffic to and from these addresses. More often than not user names are also associated with these computer addresses. This allows for very detailed profiles for individual computers which can then be used to identify individuals with a very high propensity with interest in your product, service or agenda. Those that fit the profile are then served a combination of compelling ads that fit their interests. The audience is a perfect fit and the conversion ratios are through the roof. The fact that you’re not torturing viewers with no possible interest in your ads is not just courteous; it’s a huge money saver.

Web Video

Video is ubiquitous on the internet. Cisco reports almost 70% of all internet traffic is web video. Video uniquely provides a multi-sensory experience that captures your attention and offers the highest retention rate of all current forms of communications. No other communication form conveys your message more efficiently. From film-quality high level production to cellphone reality footage, it all has its place online. More importantly, all types of video communication allow you to connect with your viewers in a very memorable way. Social media video, video based communications and micro targeted video-based advertising give your business an amazing tool to demonstrate who you are and what you do in an extraordinary way.

Ad Retargeting

Studies show most online viewers don’t engage or commit the first time they visit a website. Ad Retargeting keeps your product, service or website in front of viewers that have previously visited your website for thirty days or more through a vast online ad network including the most visited websites in the world. When your advertising and marketing efforts bring a viewer to your website, we place a customary cookie (TAG) on their computer that can be accessed by our vast ad network. This allows us to place in-context ads in front of them based on what they already viewed on your website on thousands of websites to remind them of what they saw on your site or potentially an enhanced offer based on the same. Ad retargeting is the best way to close the deal after someone has established interest with your website or offering.


Email remains a primary form of communication for many people. When the messages are welcomed, emails are a very effective form of communication and marketing. Clearly opt-ins are essential because no one wants to receive irrelevant emails. Despite opt-ins, the greater challenge is spam-filtering which can block welcomed emails due to an extensive list of qualifiers. New sophisticated systems are now available to circumvent most filtering and place opt-ins in an appropriate bucket so they actually receive communications they want. More importantly opt-ins do not receive any communications outside of their interest, to ensure they remain engaged and interested in what you have to offer.


Nationally over 40% of consumers’ primary computer devices are smart mobile devices. Many individuals do not have a traditional computer or laptop outside of their work environment. Successful outreach to this audience is critical to success for most brands and businesses. It is even more important to non-profits, political candidates and advocacy initiatives. Massive demographics are changing, and effective communications with the masses is imperative. Not unlike personal or computer profiling, mobile phone profiles allow us to micro target individuals’ cell phones based on a host of statistics and profiles. Real time geographical data takes it a step further based on proximity to your venue. Opt in SMS texting takes database marketing, proximity marketing and customer service to the next level.


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